Now Christmas is all about the leftovers – or if you’re missing the five-month build-up to Christmas – you’ll be pleased to hear that the shops are already preparing for Easter and have already started stocking up with Creme Eggs and hot cross buns.

With Easter falling on April 24th this year, that means a whole four months of targeted chocolate and cake bombardment.

Is it any wonder we’re a nation of fatties?

6 responses to “Carrot-danglers

  1. I saw Creme Eggs on sale in a Tesco’s petrol station in Stockport on 30th December.

  2. Gotta love a creme egg though, although just once a year. I suppose the shops are only catering for the ultra organised freaks who want to buy all their Xmas/Easter stuff 4 months in advance (and have it all wrapped 3 months in advance!).

  3. Ah, you’re so the opposite of cynical Julia.
    It won’t be the ultra-organised who will be buying eggs in January – it’ll be the poor lardy biffers who will buy them over and over again as they fall off the January diet-wagon.
    This year, I refuse to join them! 😉

  4. cheesy peas

    I love Creme Eggs me. I was just pondering whether Cheryl Baker put all that weight on just so she could get an advertising deal.

  5. But was it real fat or Photoshop fat? Although, when she whips her skirt off, it emphasises her lack of waist so I hope for her sake she carries on losing the lard.

  6. cheesy peas

    Yes, and very disappointing that she revealed nothing more than a pencil skirt, rather than her undies like last time.

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