Charity crisps

Last night, I unwittingly bought a packet of Walkers Stephen Fry-up crisps (the colour of the packet duped me into thinking they were Cheese & Onion).

Today I ate them and soon wished I hadn’t. They were grim and tasted more like a burnt pan after the fry-up had been removed from it. Probably.

On one hand you could say that these charity donating crisps are a good thing, with 5p from each bag going to Comic Relief, but my cynical hand sticks two fingers up to that and reckons it’s more likely that Walkers are just doing this as an excuse for some blatant self-promotion – they’ll most likely make more from this latest bit of marketing than they’ll actually be donating.

So, to avoid any kind of crisp-related moral dilemma this charity marketing may be giving you, I recommend that you simply stick to your favourite flavour non-Walkers crisps (or a compromise flavour, now that Tomato Ketchup and Savoury Vinegar seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth) and stick a few quid in the Comic Relief collection bucket when it comes around.

Besides, if the Stephen Fry-up flavour is anything to go by, you can probably expect the other flavours to taste like something along the lines of the remnants of yesterday’s cat-food bowl, a serial marathon-runner’s trainers and the flakey variety of goldfish food.


2 responses to “Charity crisps

  1. I thought the Stephen Fry Up flavour would taste a bit eggy and that put me off. They’ve done all these flavours before haven’t they? Didn’t they do a competition last year and they made chilli con carne flavour? I think I’ll stick to salt and vinegar. I am after a Liberty Comic Relief bag from TK Maxx.

  2. Those bags are rather lovely.
    There’s some similarly great fabrics in Liberty’s at the moment too – and 20% off too before sunday. I’m staying clear though – I have far too much fabric waiting to be made into something. I think i’m turning into my mother!

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