I thought the whole point of evolution was that things get better with every generation – but it seems that’s not so when it comes to wallpaper.

For some time now, design magazines have been trying to foist wallpaper on us all. Not just bland, background paper that your granny might have had to hide dodgy plaster-work either but lary, blah-type wallpaper that would have you reaching for your sunny-g’s if you saw it actually pasted up on the walls.

I can’t help but wonder if anyone is buying this stuff. It might look fine in a weeny little magazine photo where there’s nothing else in the scene except a couple of artificially arranged bits of pointlessness but why would anyone want a giant patterned wall to compete with all the other clutter in their house?


4 responses to “Wallpaper

  1. I always find wallpaper designs go out of fashion so quickly and I get bored of patterns too. It’s much easier to have a patterned cushion instead. Also, the last time I wallpapered was when I was 15 and I don’t think I could repeat the trauma! x

  2. Look at this one from Designer’s Guild – it’s monstrous.
    Their shop is flowing over with hideous designs at the moment. I guess their next sale will be a big one.

  3. Cor, that makes your eyes go funny. Busy would be an understatement! It’s migraine inducing.

  4. I took a photo of it in the DG window when I was stuck in a traffic jam so I’ll change it to the pic on this post in a sec.

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