Forbes rich list

If you’re fed up with getting less than 3% on your savings, you could check out the Forbes list of the world’s richest people to see how they managed to make their fortunes.

But if you thought it was just full of bankers, IT ubergeeks and heirs of old money you’d be wrong. This list is proof that, with a bit of effort, practically anyone can make their millions (although admittedly it definitely helps if your rellies left you a small fortune to start with).

Take a look at number 1140 – Joaquin Guzman Loera. He’s made his meagre one billion dollars by drug-smuggling (allegedly) – although from a quick shufty at the comments on his page it would appear that he’s actually Mexico’s equivalent to Robin Hood.

At 459 is Philippe Foriel-Destezet, who made 2.5 billion dollars by starting a temp agency, matching up people who want to work with people who need workers. Now surely anyone could that, assuming they could be bothered.

One of the lucky heirs, William Wrigley, comes in at 565. He inherited a chewing gum empire from his granddaddy and is now worth 2.1 billion. Someone really should make him go around scraping the damn stuff off the pavement.

My personal favourite is at number 223 – Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen. He might have inherited his wealth but thanks to his genius ancestors this man has made 4.7 billion dollars out of Lego. I thought I used to be pretty creative with the stuff but 4.7 billion – that’s impressive!

Forbes 2011 billionaires list

8 responses to “Forbes rich list

  1. Hello? Are you out enjoying the sunshine and all the delights of Spring? Hope you are well.

  2. Hi Julia
    I’m still here and well – just taking a break from webby things at the moment. Thank you for thinking of me! Hope you’re well too. Are the tortoises ok? Did they survive the winter chills?

  3. Glad you’re ok. Yes, the tortoises are fine, really enjoying the good weather. Have finished off their new home so they have somewhere safe to play outside. Will update my blog soon with photos.

  4. How exciting! I didn’t realise you had a blog. I’ll look properly when i’ve got a spare minute.

  5. Julia – I tried posting a comment on your blog but it wouldn’t let me sign in for some weird reason. Never mind. I was just saying how much I loved your Tortoise World. It’s looking great. I’m sure they’ll love it.

  6. Thank you! They really are enjoying their new home (and the lovely weather). Try and avoid the smog this weekend. x

  7. It was lovely – avoided the smog down in Devon for a few days. And now we have another long weekend. Hurrah! How about you?

  8. Ooh, Devon, fab. We are mooching around in the garden this weekend. Trying to tidy things up, bit of weeding, pruning. General laziness. Perfect weekend! x

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