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Jam ring tin

For those who loved the Custard Cream tin, M&S have now come up with a Jam Ring tin (filled with superior Jammy Dodgers).

And scoop one up when you see it because, going by the empty shelves, either they’re selling out like hot cakes or are a very limited edition.  



I thought the whole point of evolution was that things get better with every generation – but it seems that’s not so when it comes to wallpaper.

For some time now, design magazines have been trying to foist wallpaper on us all. Not just bland, background paper that your granny might have had to hide dodgy plaster-work either but lary, blah-type wallpaper that would have you reaching for your sunny-g’s if you saw it actually pasted up on the walls.

I can’t help but wonder if anyone is buying this stuff. It might look fine in a weeny little magazine photo where there’s nothing else in the scene except a couple of artificially arranged bits of pointlessness but why would anyone want a giant patterned wall to compete with all the other clutter in their house?

Lego box

When I was little, Lego was my favourite thing. I used to make whole villages from the stuff – connecting the houses by roads made from pick-up sticks and driving around them with my Matchbox cars.

If I’d had a box as great as this to keep my bricks in, I might still have them. Maybe it’s time to start my 2011 Christmas wish-list. Mu-uum!


I’ve been very slack with this site recently – mainly because I’ve been super busy doing something else – but when I saw this I had to share.

Sadly, I don’t think it will fit on my bike. Maybe I’ll have to design something that will. Handlebar antlers that glow in the dark perhaps?

Logue’s office

Barely a week into January and, thanks to The King’s Speech (which is excellent), I’m in love.

No, not with Colin Firth – he did it for me as Mr Darcy but that was 15 years ago – this time it’s with the office of his speech therapist, Lionel Logue.

I’m sure it’s not everybody’s cup of tea but it’s definitely mine and it reminds me of this Anselm Kiefer painting which I fell in love with many years ago when I saw it at the Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam…

Plumen 001 light bulb

Earlier on today, I was asked what I want for Christmas. In my family we stick to a £5 limit but the trouble with that is that I’ve pretty much bought everything I want that’s less than a fiver, which only leaves food – and I really don’t need or want any of that.

But then I remembered seeing a very sexy light bulb that I could definitely find space for. A bit of googling later and here it is – the Plumen 001.

Only trouble is, it’s £19.95. Such is life!

Fairy lights

If  you’re in possession of a free ticket to the Elle Decor tent in Berkeley Square this week, it’s worth nipping in just to see this wonderful light made from copper and dandelion fairies…

It’s even better if you gently stamp your foot beneath it as the whole thing quivers in the most exquisite way. Sorry for the lack of credits but I forgot to ask who designed it.

There are lots of other rather lovely things there – along with some hideous blinging monstrosities that only people with way too much money and who have run out of other things to buy would even consider – but best of all is the way the tent has been constructed to accommodate all the trees in Berkeley Square with the carpet neatly cut around their trunks. Pity the poor bugger who got that job.